Discipleship Pathway


 Discipleship Pathway....Intersecting Faith & Life at the Cross-Roads

We find ourselves at them all the time, intesections.  Intersections are those moments when we face questions about faith, life, and how to take the next step with God.  At Scott Church, we are committed to helping you connect with God and people, grow in your faith, and equipping you to share the good news of Jesus with those who you care about in life, family, friends, and neighbors.  We also are committed to helping you transform the world, by answering life's questions and challenges with the life giving power and hope of an ongoing relationship with Jesus.  This is the purpose of our discipleship pathway. 

Through a series of small group, mentoring, and service opportunities, each person who wants to connect with God and become more involved with the church can find a place to begin, grow, and be prepared to go with God wherever the exciting life of faith may lead.  We've made the intersections and onramps to the discipleship pathway easy to find by giving them three simple words...Connect, Grow, and Go.  


If you are looking for a place to simply connect, make friends, and test the waters, "Connect" is for you.  Here you can come as you are, learn about the opportunities at Scott, and get to know people just like you.  If you are someone who is considering faith in Christ, new to the faith, or new to Scott Church, this is your place to begin!   


Are you someone who wants to go deeper with Jesus and grow in your faith?  Are you interested in being mentored, joining with a small group opportunity, and learning to develop who you are on a consistent basis with the help of others like you, gifted leaders, and tools that bring faith to life?   Grow is for you.  You will want to check out the opportunities at this stop along the discipleship pathway.  Througout the year, we offer a variety of opportunities designed to strengthen, stretch, and deepen your faith from one on one relationships, small groups, retreats, and more, check back often to keep up to date, or check out the Stay-Up-to Date Tab on the home page.  


 Are interested in getting your hands and feet involved in bringing help and hope to others through service?  If you are interested in getting involved in ministry opportunities to the community or missions to the world, our "Go" onramp of the Discipleship Pathway is here for you.  You can get involved in ongoing, one time, and short term service opportunities right here in Harrison County.  You can also build relationships with like-minded people here at Scott and across the connection of the United Methodist movement that will produce a life-time of life-impacting service.  

Here, you can start the process of connecting with leaders and training that will lead you to fields of service around the world, and for longer seasons of life.  If you're interested in being the hands and feet of Jesus through service, no matter the level of committment, "Go" is for you.

We are passionate about helping you become all that God has planned, and we want to walk with you through the journey of connecting faith and life. So, we've created this pathway to get you started, keep each of us growing together, and empowering us to know Christ and make Christ known.  We are so excited to meet you at each step along the pathway and experience God taking us further than we could ever ask, think, or imagine together! (Ephesians 3:16-20)